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Understanding FTA

Let's start off with some vocabulary. Free-to-Air (FTA) is where you utilize a dish (a small one, around 30 inches in size in this case) and a receiver to receive 'clear' or unencrypted signals from various satellites at no cost other than equipment.

We Carry Coolsat, ViewSat Fortec, Pansat and Dream Multimedia FTA receivers that are capable of receiving more channels than you can imagine!

These signals are in MPEG2 format, which is a way of compressing that information. Many of the most popular Satellites broadcast in this format including Dish network, as well as many other north american, European and Asian Satellites.

The unencrypted signals get encrypted at times, so there is no certainty there will you receive that specific 'channel,' or for that matter, any station on any one day Our Free to air satellite recievers comply with all of the standards outlined above. All FTA receivers we carry have Serial (RS 232) ports on the back. This allows the owner to upgrade new firmware that is made available from time to time. These updates will further allow you to experience all of the features that your Free to air receiver has to offer.


Sudan TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Canal Algérie on IA5 (Telstar )
Oman TV Satellite on IA5 (Telstar )
TV 7 Satellite  on IA5 (Telstar )
Abu Dhabi TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Al-Alam News Channel on IA5 (Telstar )
Al-Manar TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Dubai Business on IA5 (Telstar )
Dubai Sports on IA5 (Telstar )
Dubai TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Emarat FM on IA5 (Telstar )
Jamahirya Satellite Channel on IA5 (Telstar )
Jordan Satellite Channel on IA5 (Telstar )
Kuwait Radio on IA5 (Telstar )
Kuwait TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Qatar TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Sanaa Radio on IA5 (Telstar )
Saudi TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Syria Satellite Channel on IA5 (Telstar )
Télé Lumière on IA5 (Telstar )
TV Orient  on IA5 (Telstar )
Yemen TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Al Iraqiyah Satellite on Atlantic Bird 1
Al Quran Al Kareem Radio on IA5 (Telstar )
Future TV USA on Telstar 12
MTA International on AMC 3

ATN Bangla Bangladesh on IA5 (Telstar )
VTV 4  (Vietnamese) on IA5 (Telstar )
Vietnamese Public Radio 1 & 2 on AMC4 
Punjabi TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Apna TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Living Asia Channel on IA5 (Telstar )
Jeevan TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Kairali Channel on IA5 (Telstar )
MRTV 3 Maynmar TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Asianet USA Malay on IA5 (Telstar )
Thai TV5 (Thai) on IA5 (Telstar ) & Galaxy 10R
NAT TV (Thai) on IA5 (Telstar )
NBN World (Tag) on G10R

TAN TV 2  on AMC4
TAN TV 1  on AMC4
KISB 3  on IA5 (Telstar )
KISB 1 on IA5 (Telstar )
YTN on IA5 (Telstar )
JSTV - Jesus Satellite TV on IA5 (Telstar )
JSTV 2 on IA5 (Telstar )
Radio Korea on IA5 (Telstar )
Radio Seoul on IA5 (Telstar )

CCTV4 (Mandarin) on Galaxy 3C & AMC 4
CCTV9 (Mandarin/Eng) on Galaxy 3C
Liaoning TV  (Mandarin) on AMC 4
Sky Link TV (Mandarin) on AMC 4
Fujian South East TV (Mandarin) on AMC 4
TIS TV Cable (Mandarin) on AMC 4
TTV America (Mandarin) on AMC 4
CTV America (Mandarin) on AMC 4
CTS America (Mandarin) on AMC 4
TIS TV (Mandarin) on AMC 4
CEN (Mandarin) on AMC 4
TAN TV (Mandarin) on AMC 4
MAC TV (Mandarin) on AMC 4
IFTV (Mandarin) on AMC 4
BCC News Radio  (Mandarin) on AMC 4
Pacvia TV (Mandarin) on AMC 4
IFTV (Mandarin) on AMC 4
SVC Shops (Mandarin) on AMC 4
MAC TV (Chinese) on IA5 (Telstar ), T11, Satmex 5, AMC 4
NTD TV (Chinese) on IA5 (Telstar )
Hwazan Satellite TV (Chinese) on Satmex 5
ERA News (Chinese) on Satmex 5
Da Ai TV (Chinese) on IA5 (Telstar ) & Satmex 5
ETTV News (Chinese) on IA5 (Telstar )
Tzu Chi TV (Chinese) on IA5 (Telstar )
UCN TV (Chinese) on IA5 (Telstar )
GCGI (Chinese) on IA5 (Telstar )
BLTV - Buddhism TV (Chinese) on IA5 (Telstar )

Spanish Channels:
Cubavisión Internacional  on Pas 9
TV de Galicia América on Hispasat
TVC Internacional on Hispasat
Canal Vasco on Hispasat
ATEI on Hispasat
TV Martí on Hispasat
Almavisión on Satmex 5
ESNE  on Satmex 5
BYU TV on Satmex 5
Hipódromo El Comandante on Satmex 5
Más Música on G10R
KUTH-TV (Univisión - Logan) on G10R
KPOU-TV (Univisión - La Grande) on G10R
KUTF-TV (TeleFutura - Price) on G10R
KLRA-LP (Univisión - Little Rock)  on G10R
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Other Channels:
TRT  (Turkish) on IA5 (Telstar )
Samanyolu TV World (Turkish) on IA5 (Telstar )
CMT Canal 51 (Spanish) on PAS1R
Ecua TV (Spanish) on AMC4
Más Música (Spanish) on G10R
Señal Colombia (Spanish) on Satmex 5
AIT International on IA5 (Telstar )
Haiti Diaspo on IA5 (Telstar )
HSTV - Haitian TV  on IA5 (Telstar )
AssyriaSat  on IA5 (Telstar )

TV TRWAM (Polish) on AMC4
Radio Maryja (Polish) on AMC4
RTN (Russian) on Telstar 11
Moskva - Otkrytyj Mir on Telstar 11
Russkij Mir (Russian) on Atlantic Bird 1
HRT Satelitski Program (Croatian) on IA5 (Telstar )
HIC TV (Croatian) on IA5 (Telstar )
Radio Hrvatska (Croatian) on IA5 (Telstar )
TelePace (Italian) on IA5 (Telstar )
Mediterraneo Sat (Italian)  Telstar 12
Made in Italy (Italian)  and Telstar 12
Ceramicanda (Italian)  on Telstar 12
Côte d'Ivoire (French) on PAS 1R
Studio Europa on Telstar 12
Antenna Satellite (Greek) on Telstar 12
GBC - Greek Business Channel on AMC 4
BVN TV (Dutch) on Telstar 12
BYU TV on Telstar 12
TV Romania International on IA5 (Telstar ) and Intelsat 903
Futbol de Primera Radio on IA5 (Telstar )
WRN 1 North America Radio on IA5 (Telstar )
WRN 2 North America Radio on IA5 (Telstar )
WRN Français on IA5 (Telstar )
DW Radio 1 on IA5 (Telstar )
Polskie Radio 1 on IA5 (Telstar )
® Radio 21 (Kosovo) on IA5 (Telstar )
RAI International 2 (Italian) on PAS 9 (8' dish required)
DW TV (German) on PAS 9 (8' dish required)
DW Radio 1,2,7 (German) on PAS 9 (8' dish required)
RTP Internacional (Port) on PAS 9 (8' dish required)
BBC World on PAS 9 (8' dish required)

KurdSat (Kurdish)  on IA5 (Telstar )
Kurdistan TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Ma TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Azadi  on IA5 (Telstar )
Omid-e-Iran  on IA5 (Telstar )
IPN  on IA5 (Telstar )
Pars TV (PTN) on IA5 (Telstar )
Appadana International  on IA5 (Telstar )
TAMASHA on IA5 (Telstar )
Farsi TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Channel 1 One on IA5 (Telstar )
Jame-Jam TV Network 2 US  on IA5 (Telstar )
Jaam-e-Jam International on IA5 (Telstar )
ITN Iran TV Network on IA5 (Telstar )
IRINN - Iran News Network on IA5 (Telstar )
NITV - National Iranian TV on IA5 (Telstar )
PBC Tapesh on IA5 (Telstar )
Melli TV on IA5 (Telstar )
IRIB Radio 1 on IA5 (Telstar )
Radio Iran KIRN 670 (LA) on IA5 (Telstar )
Radio Sedaye Iran on IA5 (Telstar )
Radio BCS Iran/Afghan on IA5 (Telstar )
Baha'i Radio Payam-e-Doost on IA5 (Telstar )
VIRI - Voice of Islamic Rep.of Iran Radio

The Pentagon Channel on AMC1
KKTU-TV (ABC - Cheyenne) on G10R
KDEV-TV (Denver) on G10R
KFDF-TV (UPN - Fort Smith) on G10R
KPBI-TV (FOX - Fayetteville) on G10R
WPXS-TV (PAX - Mount Vernon) on G10R
WBVT-LP (UPN - Burlington) on G10R
WBMM-TV (PAX - Montgomery) on G10R
KWBS-TV (PAX - Eureka Springs) on G10R
KWBF-TV (WB - Little Rock) on G10R
KYPX-TV (PAX - Camden) on G10R
WMQF-TV (FOX - Marquette) on G10R
KQUP-TV (UPN - Spokane) on G10R
KTVC-TV (UPN - Roseburg) on G10R
WBIF-TV (PAX - Panama City) on G10R
STEP Star Network Channel 502
Chuck Harder's For the People
People's Network on AMC 4
Daystar TV on IA5 (Telstar )
Ohio News Network on Telstar 11
RaceOnTV on PAS 9
Empire Sports Network on AMC5
STARS of Faith  on AMC 3
NMSU  on AMC 3
The Patient on AMC 3
Tip TV on AMC 3
PBS East on AMC 3
PBS You on AMC 3
PBS X on AMC 3
PBS Kids on AMC 3
The Annenberg/CPB Channel on AMC 3
Bloomberg TV US on AMC 3 & Telstar 6
The University Network & Telstar 6
3ABN on Telstar 11 and AMC 4
Adventist TV Network on AMC 4
The Hope Channel on AMC 4
Prison TV Network on AMC 4
3ABN Radio
SCN on Anik E2
Primedia Channel on Galaxy 11
RFD TV - Rural Farm Broadcasting TV on Galaxy 11
KUED-TV (PBS - Salt Lake City) on AMC 5
KULC-TV (Salt Lake City) on AMC 5
Empire Sports Network on AMC 5
NYN - New York Network on AMC 5
Maharishi Open University US
WMUU-FM - Unique FM
Scriptures for America on IA5 (Telstar )
The Overcomer on IA5 (Telstar )
Reality Radio Network on IA5 (Telstar )
UWTV - University of Washington TV
Research Channel

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